Best WoW private servers


Best WoW private servers

Since 2020 is rolling around to a close I've decided to make a list of my favorite Private wow servers. With the release of classic I've been pretty hyped about playing wow again, however the community on blizzards servers are pretty shit in my opinion, so I went over to private servers to find a wow server that's not polluted with constant min/maxing and trying to game the economy in every way possible. While compiling this list I've pretty much made exculsive use of this private wow server list. These are some of favorite private wow servers in no particular order :

- Warmane

This is a group of servers offering pretty much the authentic WotLK experience. They're a few pretty much blizzlike servers just with a bit of boosted rate letting you get the items you're going for without having to grind away 5-6 hours a day. As is the case with most of these they do feature a real money shop, however it's mostly convenience items in there, like buying fully leveled characters, gold or just leveling up which in my opinion is fine, even blizzard started selling fully leveled characters a while ago.

- Atlantiss

These guys are running the BC private server imo. They have an adjustable xp rate with 2x till level 58 and 1x after, letting you really experience the true BC way of playing the game. There's so much nostalgia going around with classic and BC just piles on more and more. With them letting you pretty much skip the grindiest part of classic and dive right into outland this is one of my favorite BC servers all around.

- Ascension WoW

While the other 2 servers on this list pretty much offer a blizzard experience with a few numbers tweaked Ascension is something else entirely. They let you pick and choose your class features, letting you make your own class in the same vein as let's say Dark Souls game and then play with or against other players on their server. This has brought quite a few broken builds to the forefront and it's really interesting seeing what's possible when you push the wow system to it's limit. A truly fun server in it's own right.

While I could probably go on and on about different private wow servers, these are the ones that really caught my eye this year. However if you'd like to find a server that's not listed here, you can use this private wow server list.