WoW Cooking Guide


WoW Cooking Guide

Cooking is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial professions to do. It usually goes hand-in-hand with Fishing and you can make food that will enhance your stats.

Since patch 2.4 was implemented you can now train up to Artisan Cooking at any trainer available. To get your skill past 300 you will need to see the Master Cooking Trainer that is located in each factions appropriate starting city for the Burning Crusade in Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold and Thrallmar.

Apprentice Cooking

Some of the recipes needed to level cooking in this guide do not come off the trainer but are vendor purchased. Right away in this first section to go from 40-75 you will have to purchase Smoked Bear Meat recipe from Andrew Hilbert in the Sepulcher which is located in Silverpine Forest if you are Horde. If you are Alliance you will be heading to Thelsamar in Loch Modan to see Drac Roughcut.

Journeyman Cooking

In the Journeman Cooking section there are two paths, one for horde and one for alliance. This goes from about 90-175 and continues into the next section.

Dig Rat Stew – This item is a quest reward and is Horde only. The Quest comes from Grub who is located in The Barrens who sits in a tower east of the crossroads near the path.

Cooked Crab Claw – this item can be purchased from Kendor Kabonka at the Pig and Whistle Inn in the Old Town of Stormwind.

Seasoned Wolf Kabob – this item is from an Alliance only Quest from Chef Grual at Darkshire in Duskwood.

Expert Cooking

The Alliance and Horde specific steps get to 175 in this section and there's a lot more places to journey to to get more recipes!! Make sure you get an expert cook book so you can go past 150 skill up to 225, it can be found from Shandrina in Silverwind Refuge of Ashenvale for Alliance and from Wulan in Shadowprey Village of Desolace for Horde.

Hot Lion Chops – This is Horde Only and you can get it at three different places 1) Vendor-tron 1000, a roaming vendor in desolace 2) Zargh (The Butcher) at the Crossroads in The Barrens 3) Quest Elixir of Pain from Apothecary Lydon at the Tauren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills

Curiously Tasty Omelet – This is mainly an Alliance recipe but you can get as horde and it can be obtained from 4 different places 1) Quest from Ormer Ironbraid at Whelgar's Excavation Site in the Wetlands, its a 3 part continuation quest (Ormer's Revenge) 2) Keena, a trade goods vendor at Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands 3) Kendor Kabonka in old town of Stormwind City 4) Nerrist, a trade goods vendor at Grom'gul in Stranglethorn Vale (Horde Merchant)

Roast Raptor – This recipe comes from a variety of places so I'm only going to list one for horde and one for alliance. Both merchants are found in Stranglethorn Vale, Nerrist is the Horde Merchant at Grom'Gul and Corporal Bluth is the Alliance Vendor at the Alliance Camp in the very north part of the zone.

Spider Sausage can be trained from the cooking trainer for both factions

Artisan Cooking

More adventuring for recipes, to get your skill from 225-300 you will have to complete a quest from Dirge Quickcleave at the Gadgetzan Inn of Tanaris.

Monster Omelet / Juicy Bear Burger can be found in Felwood. For horde it's located in Blood Venom Falls off of Bale and for Alliance it's located in TalonBranch Glade off Malygen. Himmick in Everlook, Winterspring is supposed to have the Monster Omelet recipe as well.

This item is from a quest in Silithus and you must be at least 285 cooking skill to receive the quest. It comes from Calandrath the Innkeeper at Cenarion Hold

Master Cooking

There's is a horde only step in this section and another part that requires 430+ Fishing. In order to get that high you will have to find a lure and/or fishing pole and sometimes other items or enchants with +fishing skill. Make sure you pick up your Master Cook Book from Naka at Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.

Ravager Dog – This recipe is purchased in Hellfire Peninsula from Cookie One-Eye in Thrallmar if you are Horde and Sid Limbardi in Honor Hold if you are Alliance.

Roasted Clefthoof – This recipe comes from Nagrand. If you are Horde go to Nula the Butcher in Garadar. If you are Alliance go to Uriku in Telaar.

Crunchy Serpent – Is bought from Sassa Weldwell and can be found in Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge Mountains. This recipe is available to both Horde and Alliance. You can also get this recipe from Evergrove.

Spicy Crawdad – If you have a flying mount and 430+ fishing this is a good alternative. It is sold in Terrokar forest from Innkeeper Biribi at Allerian Stronghold for Alliance and Rungor at Stonebreaker Hold for Horde.