WoW Fishing Guide


WoW Fishing Guide

The most important thing about leveling fishing is to understand that it doesn't matter where you fish, you will level at the same pace. The only impact your fishing level has is where you can fish. If you have already leveled cooking you are welcome to fish anywhere you want. However, if you'd like to level fishing at the same time as cooking you'll want to fish in certain places catching the appropriate aquatic life for the applicable cooking recipes.

Catch 60-70 Brilliant Smallfish in Mulgore or Elwynn Forest (save all the extra Longjaw Mud Snappers). While you're in Mulgore or Elwynn Forest purchase both: Brillaint Smallfish and Longjaw Mud Snapper recipes from Harn Longcast in Bloodhoof Village (Horde) or Tharynn Bouden in Goldshire (Alliance).

Catch 30-40 Longjaw Mud Snappers in Ogrimmar or Stromwind City

Cook the following to level to 100 (learn Journeyman between 50-75)

Purchase the Bristle Whisker Catfish recipe from Derak Nightfall in Tarren Mill or Lindea Rabonne in Southshore (alliance should also buy the recipe Mithril Head Trout, which the Horde will get later) and catch at least 100 Brislte Whisker Catfish:

Learn Expert Cooking (between 125 and 150): Talk to Wulan in Shadowprey Village, Desolace. He is up on the second floor of a building located at (26,69) or if you're alliance talk to Shandrina by Mystral Lake in Ashenvale.

To learn Expert Fishing (between 125 and 150) talk to Old Man Heming in Booy Bay (27,77).

Cook the following to level to 175:

Horde: Revisit Wulan in Shadowprey Village and buy the recipe Mithril Head Trout. Catch 60-80 Mithril Head Trout:

Alliance: Head to Stormgarde Keep in Arathi Highlands and catch 60-80 Mithril Head Trout:

Cook the following to level 225.

To continue with cooking, you'll need to do your Artisan Cooking quest, you can read more at our WoW Cooking Guide. Next, visit Nat Pagle.

You'll be asked to catch 4 rare fish:

- Feralas Ahi (Stay and collect 30-40 Sunscale Salmon for levels 250-275)
- Sar'theris Striker
- Savage Coast Blue Saffin
- Misty Reed Mahi Mahi

Once you've turned in this quest and learned Artisan Fishing head to Gikkix in Steamwheedle port and buy Spotted Yellowtail and Poached Sunscale Salmon recipes. Fish at Steamweedle until you're 250+ fishing, you'll need this before you head to Azshara. In the mean time, you should catch 30-40 Spotted Yellowtails:

Cook to level 250:

If you didn't already, catch 30-40 Sunscale Salmon in Feralas and level to 275 (see the image, next to Feralas Ahi, above):

Head to Azshara (Scalebeard's Cave) and finish off Fishing to level 300. You should catch enough Large Raw Mightfish to level your Cooking to 300 as well:

Visit Baxter in Thrallmar or Gaston in Honor Hold and buy a Master Cookbook. Head to Cernarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh to talk to Juno Dufrain to learn Master Fishing. Purchase Blackened Trout recipe from Gambarinka in Zabra'jin or Doba in Orebor Harborage (Alliance can also buy Feltail Delight). Horde must visit Zurai in Swamprat Post and buy Feltail Delight. Load up on +75 fishing lures, you'll need these to make your fishing more succesful.

Let's go fishing! Fish to level 310-315 (you can go just about anywhere Zangarmarsh or Terokkar Forest) and cook as high as you can with the resulting catch:

Head to Nagrand and buy Poached Bluefish recipe from Uriku in Telaar or Nula the Butcher in Garadar. You can now fish anywhere in Nagrand for Icefin Bluefish. You can cook to level 360 with this recipe.

At level 350 I recommend finding recipes that fit your class situation and fishing for them. Since you can use lures to increase your fishing ability you can fish in a lot of places. Do this to reach 375, any lake, any fish will work the same.